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Success with 82N

Success with 82N

Mission Statement:

82North, LLC is committed to a low-cost simplified service providing non-profits and small organizations the ability to offer secure online donations, membership and event registration reporting with credit card capability for the benefit of their mission and constituents.  With 82North, you get management with 20 years fundraising experience and 30 years Information Technology experience - a double whammy to help you gain the most from your online activity.  We become your most valuable volunteer!

82North Registration and Donation is a service to allow you to be as flexible as you can in offering online capability in a matter of days at a cost effective price. 

     We believe:

  • in today's competitive philanthropy market, organizations need to provide the convenience of online capability for their constituents
  • all organizations, regardless of size, deserve that online capability
  • in saving you time and money by providing the online processing - so you can be doing your job and not ours!

82north.com SERVICE

  • online donations/pledging and reporting
  • online annual giving/capital campaigns and reporting
  • online membership signup and renewals and reporting
  • online invoice payments and reporting
  • online registrations, enrollment and reservations and reporting
  • administrative login for site maintenance, new sites and for reports 24/7/365
  • YOUR merchant card available with our help to set you up

go to the 82North Pricing page for details.

We are here for your "ad-hoc" event, an event that happens annually for which an off the shelf package at thousands of dollars is not a cost-effective solution for you.

We are here for an ongoing annual fund or capital campaign, including pledges, for which you need online capability so you meet the needs of your constituents.  And we do this for far less than a purchased package.

We are here for your membership campaign so your members can renew online - faster and easier for them, faster and easier for you.  And your retention of memberships will improve with this ease of renewing.  Plus, visitors to your site can sign up right then and there - it will save time when they come to your physical site.  They'll already have their membership!

Contact us and we can talk through what your organization needs:

Tom Scott: info@82north.com       

(302) 655-8952, (800) 979-0082

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